The Italian group of the Association for Coaching has recently been established. The Association for Coaching ( was founded in the UK and has grown steadily over time, in both size and prestige, to become a global association - AC Global - with members in over 40 countries.  Today it is one of the three major international coaching associations.  
The Italian group - AC in Italy - has been set up by two coaches, Maria Caterina Capurro and Paola Budini.  

Professional coaches, in-house company coaches, and coaching and training comanies can join AC in Italy by emailing:

Joining the AC in Italy group will allow you to:
• Have access to the AC Italy group on Linkedin, AC Italy
• Take part in free online sessions on different coaching topics
• Take part in events with international coaches and AC Global representatives
• Receive guidance when applying for membership of AC Global
Take part in some of the forthcoming group coaching sessions:

• Take part in some of the forthcoming group coaching sessions:
• On communication and listening, where you’ll learn secrets that will enable you to communicate effectively and have a positive impact on others
• On focus and concentration, where you’ll learn to focus your mind on the present to maximize your performance
• On self-confidence, where you’ll learn to be more sure of yourself and increase your charisma
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